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Tara Mechcons: Established in 2010, specializing in power tools, cutters, saws, and construction equipment.


Tara Mechcons, Your Hub for Cutting Edge Construction and Fabrication equipment in India

TM Equipment's bustling manufacturing unit

Unveiling Precision

In the realm of construction and fabrication equipment in India, Tara Mechcons stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Established in 2010 by the visionary leader, Mr. Saeed Bakshabhaiji, we embarked on a journey to redefine the industry landscape. As a veteran, Mr. Bakshabhaiji identified a burgeoning demand for cutting-edge tools for construction and fabrication, paving the way for Tara Mechcons to become a trailblazer.

At Tara Mechcons, we bring cutting-edge technology to the heart of India. Our commitment goes beyond providing tools; we deliver solutions that empower industries and drive progress. Join us in the pursuit of precision and efficiency as we redefine the standards of the cutting machine industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology, Tailored for India

For woodworking aficionados, Tara Mechcons is your go-to destination. Our extensive range of wood and metal cutting equipment is designed to elevate your craftsmanship to new heights. We understand the importance of reliable tools in your creative process, and we're here to provide nothing short of excellence.

Your One-Stop Woodworking Machinery Store

As one of the leading machinery suppliers in India, Tara Mechcons prides itself on offering industrial CNC machines that cater to the unique needs of our clientele. Whether you're in search of heavy-duty wood cutting tools, concrete cutting machines, or metal cutting machines, we have you covered.

Expanding Horizons

Nestled in the heart of Makarpura GIDC, Vadodara, India, our newly designed facilities are a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge manufacturing. Tara Mechcons has invested significantly in infrastructure to bring you a diverse range of machinery, including power drills, cutters, saws, and other precision cutting equipment.


Guided by Mr. Bakshabhaiji's extensive 11-year experience and expertise in the construction equipment industry, Tara Mechcons has become synonymous with quality and precision. Our journey is a testament to the commitment to excellence and the foresight to anticipate the needs of the cutting machine industry, factories, and dealers alike.


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